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Protect the sheep, hunt and cook to survive with yourself or with a friend. This is a game about some of my favorite things: gers, eagles, sheepies, wolves, and foxes. I got inspired by hearing a story of a 13-year old eagle huntress (13-year old huntress).

Enjoy exploring this world! I loved creating it.

Best experience if you play with headphones.

This was made for #LDJAM 32. Play the original version on the Ludum Dare site.


Panash (Controller):
--Move: Left Stick
--Look: Right Stick
--Jump: Circle

--Drop = X

Plume (Keyboard):

--Move = WASD/Arrow Keys
--Look = Mouse
--Fly = Space

--Drop = C


"Saruul tal" by Arga Bileg


"From Where You Are" - http://kimberlygeswein.com